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If you break it... I can fix it....

I will inspect your entire garage door and opener. I will lubricate and inspect all of the rollers, hinges, bearings and chain. We will inspect the cables for fraying/breaking and adjustment and give you my 16 point inspection report.

A common problem is that springs last an average of 7-9 years. About 11,000 cycles on average.† If one spring breaks the other will shortly break also.† Replace them in pairs..†††

Garage doors, just like cars, need to be maintained annually. Lack of maintenance causes premature product failure and is the single leading cause of garage door accidents. Annual maintenance should only be performed by a trained professional. Garage door springs and related hardware are under extreme tension and could cause severe injury or death if mishandled. Do Not Attempt to repair or adjust the springs, fasteners, hardware or wood board to which they are attached.

If your chain is sagging. Your gear box may need replacement.† It is a lot cheaper to replace the gear drive than a whole new motor.† Call me the average price is $80.00.† This includes a complete Safety inspection. Donít let other Garage Door companies talk you into expensive motor replacement when it is not needed.

Safety Inspections ? Tune-up

Annual Maintenance

Broken Springs

Door Motor Repairs


Whether it's a broken spring, worn hardware or just poor adjustment, a faulty garage door is not only an inconvenience... it can be a serious safety concern. Don't wait for an accident, call me today before you or a loved one gets hurt.


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I understand the importance of prompt service when it comes to garage door repair.

Thatís why, living in your area† I am READY to meet you at your home the Same Day to get your garage door on track and moving the way a garage door should.


Same Day Service
Broken Springs Replaced

24 Hour Emergency Service (No extra charge)

Safety inspection and tune-ups

The service includes (but is not limited to) the following items:

Cables† and Pulleys

Torsion Springs

Rollers- Steel & Nylon Coated Steel

Garage door opener repairs

Door Balance

Hinge lubrication or replacement

Keypad entry systems

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Unconditional 5 year warranty on all garage door repair services:


Springs, gear boxes, and any other† parts replaced.† All parts and labor included.