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If you break it... I can fix it....

Specializing in Virus removal and prevention, most systems become bogged down due to Spy and Mal-ware.† If your current firewall and updates have not been done on a regular basis, your system can become slow and sluggish.† I use a multiple list of tools and tricks to get your system up and running to the point where it was enjoyable to use.†

Computer Repair Services Specializing in Windows Based Systems.

If Your Computer wonít even turn on, at might be as simple as a power supply problem.† The second† cause might be your motherboard.† Repairs of this nature run from 75 to 175.† Depending on the age of your system and price of the replacement parts.

No Lights on your Computer†††† ††††††††††††

If you get a boot error message your system might need to be reloaded.† In some cases, the system might be able to be recovered or the operating system may need to be reloaded.† All attempts will be made to recover your data, i.e. pictures and personal files.† If however the hard drive has crashed, there is a point if no return.†

Hint: you donít have to back-up all your data, just the data you donít want to loose.† When was the last time you did this?

Boot error messages.

Low memory is the easiest way to speed up your system.† With the user DSL and Cable connections, XP operating systems love to have 1 Gig of Memory and Vista likes to have 2 gig or more.† Call me for estimates as price of memory changes from day to day. Memory upgrades can be done in your home in less than a half hour. Eliminating the need to take your system down.

System upgrades.

Do you have a Laptop or Netbook? Would you like to use it an any part of your house?† A wireless system could be the answer to your networking needs.† Call me and I can help design a system to meet your personal needs.† Including networking printers so multiple users can use the same printer..

Wireless networks set-up.

Why pay Big Box store or Goon-Squad prices to restore your computer. Many systems can be restored for under a hundred dollars.† Additional fees apply to upgrades and severe cases of infection.†


I offer free local pick-up and Delivery service to the Marana and Northwest Tucson area.† Turn-around is 24-48 Hours.† On Site service is also available.




If I can't fix it I won't.† I will give you a total and honest evaluation of your system and I won't sell or charge† you anything that you do not need.†

Summary of Services available

Setting up back-up of personal files, pictures and data.

Setting up Cable and DSL broadband connections

Wireless networking Security

Virus Removal

Data Recovery (If possible depending on the state of infection)

System upgrades , tune-ups, restoration, transfers.

One on one Training available on certain applications.

Free Pick-up and Delivery to the Marana and Northwest Tucson Area.† Onsite service available.

Turn-up of new Computer Systems

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